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“Zoe” means "life" in Greek and our hope is that our jewellery will always bring life and joy to our customers. “Zoe Jewelry” created a special place for itself in the world of jewellery with its uniquely different hand-crafted creations. An important factor in this success has been the rare beauty of Santorini, one of the most popular places in the world, and a constant source of inspiration and creativity for our family.


Behind “Zoe Jewelry” however, lies a long family history of hard work and dedication, of which we are justifiably proud. The story of the Koutsogiannopoulos family begins in 1870, when powerful westerly winds forced the ferry carrying the brothers Gregoris and Dimitris from the Peloponnese to the trading post on theislandofSyrosto take shelter off theislandofSantorini, an island the brothers had never visited before. There, they traded their goods and decided to settle. They quickly discovered the unique quality of Santorinian wine and soon made it their living, exporting it as far as theBlack Sea. They went on to become the biggest traders in the area. 


Four generations later, under the supervision of George Koutsogiannopoulos, our family continues to produce wine at our winery, “Volcan Wines”, which constantly gains the highest recognition for its outstanding quality. The winery, however, has also proved to be a cultural pioneer, establishing the underground wine museum 300 in length, which exhibits family heirlooms connected with wine production from 1660 to 1970. 


In 1950, Gregoris Koutsogiannopoulos became the first shipping agent and tour organiser on Santorini and founded the present day, Water Blue Travel Agency, now run by his son, Dimitris Koutsogiannopoulos. “Water Blue Travel” represents cruise organisers and tour operators from abroad. It has four agencies on the island and seven privately owned coaches. It organises tours and manages hotel bookings, provides services for VIPs, and caters for any other tourist related needs on the island, focusing on high quality customer service. 

“Zoe Gallery” opened in 1980, exhibiting paintings and sculpture. It very quickly expanded into handcrafted art jewellery, with suppliers from Santorini and various other parts ofGreece, and was renamed “Zoe Jewelry”. 

Today, run by Eva Koutsogiannopoulos, it is the largest jeweller's in the most central part of Fira.


You will not only be impressed by “Zoe Jewelry's” amazing position right on the caldera, but also by: 

  • The unique collections of precious and semiprecious stones available, all of which are of excellent quality and have the relevant certification. 
  • Tastefully designed jewellery in white, yellow and red 18 carat gold, and also wonderful modern combinations. 
  • The availability of designs and collections inspired by the styles of the Ancient and Byzantine Periods, in 18 and 22 carats, faithful copies of museum exhibits, exclusively handmade. 
  • The availability of top creations which are the 'dream' of every woman. 


“Zoe Jewelry” does not rest on its laurels -quite the reverse- as it keeps up to date with all the most recent trends in international jewellery fashion.Thus it is always out in front, with unique, modern designs. Pieces from our collections have travelled around the world thanks to customers who have demonstrated their preference for our creations. This is a living advertisement for the quality and beauty of our jewellery. 

“Zoe Jewelry” also stocks pieces by famous Greek designers and other internationally famous jewellery and watch brands such as Roberto Coin, Kabana, Etho, Geo, Zenith, and U-Boat. 

The fourth generation of our family continues to move from strength to strength on the island through these enterprises. High quality service, love, sincerity, honesty and hard work are the main factors behind the success of the Koutsogiannopoulos family.

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